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What’s the best time for a surftrip in…?

Another complicated question. To try to answer it, we have paddled a lot through the turbulent waters of the internet, duck-diving time and time again, to find as much information as we could. The subject is particularly tricky, since the assessment is quite subjective, so that, a wave that I found perfect to another may seem small or vice versa. This implies that we have found hundreds of opposing ratings on the same spot.


To create the list we have compiled the information from all the sources that we have found and tried to average them. Surely there are many mistakes so, as always, your collaboration is welcome and even expected. If you know any of the spots really well (it is not worth it if you went on a trip once and I catch you a perfect swell week !) and you see that we have made mistakes, please let us know! In particular, we have included a category that is not usually found in most of the tables: only experts. In some places we’ve even seen the Nazaré 20 meters as “Very good”, so it seemed appropriate to include a higher category. We refer to those waves that present a significant difficulty or risk, for which physical condition and special skills are required. If you think that any of those we have qualified as “A” should be “A +”, let us know!


In general, we have described as “D” the seasons in which the sea is frequently flat or messy for days, “C” the smallest and slow waves, “B” good for intermediate surfers and “A” for those who handle easily in all types of waves. That does not mean that, if you are beginning, you should not go to a certain place in an “A” season. Find out about the destination, because it’s common that, even though there are overhead waves in a beach, you can find a nearby beachbreak, more sheltered, that does not require so much technique.


Good waves!


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