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The most accessible seven thousand

Lenin Peak (7134 m.) is located on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajorjitan, in the Pamir mountain range. This peak is one of three seven thousands in Kyrgyzstan, in addition to the 7439 m Pobeda Peak and the 7010 m Khan Tengri Peak. Lenin Peak is considered the most accessible seven thousand, both for the economic aspect (you can reach the base camp by land transport, so there is no need to use helicopter) and in the technical aspect (the classic ascent route does not have the complicated stretches of ice or rock). However, to climb to its top you need good physical preparation, resistance, adequate material and good acclimatization.

Starting the ascent

Base Camp is located in an elevated meadow between two steep valleys. The floor is a carpet of wild garlic and alpine flowers. From the BC, we will pass through the Puteshestvinnikov Pass (4200 m.). The ascent usually lasts 1 hour or an hour and a half on a simple path, although sometimes there is snow in the pass. After a descent to the left of the glacier, we cross the river carefully, early in the morning to avoid the mid-morning flood. That way we’ll get to Camp 1, at 4400 m.


Then we will cross the dry glacier of Lenin and ascend the long slopes that go straight to the top by the north face. At 5000 meters, we cross to the west, and ascending gently, we reach the edge of a large snow basin and after a short ascent by a path, we reach Camp 2.

The hard part of the journey

The next day is quite long and exhausting, so we’ll get up early to avoid the effects of the sun. A simple corridor leads to the northern ridge of Razdelny Peak (6148 m.). At first, this ridge is quite flat, but as we get closer to the peak, the slope increases. The last ascent, 400 meters, to Razdelny Peak is simple, but the effects of altitude make it hard work, but the superb views of the summit make it worthwhile. To the north we have a perfect perspective on the Alai plain, while to the south we see a multitude of snow-capped peaks. The Communism and Korzhenevsky peaks dominate our view south of Pamir. Further east, Wakhan and Hindu Kush are clearly visible, and on a good day it is possible to distinguish Tirich Mir. From Razdelny Peak, the ridge crawls west and descends 100 meters to Razdelny Pass at 6000 meters. There is Camp 3.

Finally, the summit

From Camp 3 you can see the entire ridge of the summit. From here we’ll have two options. Either we climb directly to the top and return to Camp 3 in a long day, or we place a fourth field about 6400 meters. From Camp 3 we follow the wide ridge to a plateau (the location of Camp 4) at 6400 meters. We will cross back to the ridge itself where the terrain tilts to form a small passage that rotates on the north side. Above this, the crest is broken and rocky until we reach a large snowy plateau. We crosse it and join the ridge just below the top.


The summit, at 7134 meters, is crowned by several plates, including one of Lenin himself. The views, unsurprisingly, are exceptional and extend through Pamirs to Mustagh Ata and Kongur in China. Further away, in the distance, is the Hindu Kush and further west the Karakoram.


– Reception and farewell

– Transfers Osh – Base Camp – Osh

– Transfers Base Camp – Lukovaya Polyana – Base Camp (according to transport itinerary)

– Flights Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek (Note: local airlines only allow 15 kg. of free baggage. Each extra kilo costs about 2-3 USD)

– Accommodation in Bishkek and Osh (no more than 4 nights) in hotels with breakfast included. Check-in – 14:00, check-out – 12:00.

– Lunch en ruta Osh – Achik Tash – Osh

– Registration at the rescue service

– Ecological fee

– Professional guide (1 guide for every 3 customers)

– High-rise tents in camps at 5,300 m. 6,100 m. (2 people per tent)

– Group equipment: ropes (if necessary), gas, stoves and cooking set

– High-altitude food


– International flights

– Early check-in, late check out in hotels

– Supplement for individual hotel accommodation

– Meals not included in the program and meals in cities

– Alcoholic beverages

– Personal expenses (insurance, extra luggage on planes, etc.)

– Rental of personal and group mountain equipment

– Kyrgyztan visa (if necessary)

Services at The Base Camp “Achik Tash”, 3600 m.

– Accommodation in double tents, equipped with mattresses, wooden floors and electricity

– Full board (3 meals per day)

– Breakfast buffet

– Dining room, services, cloakroom, hot shower

– First aid kit and doctor

– 220V permanent electricity

Services in Camp 1 to 4400 m.

– Accommodation in double tents, equipped with mattresses and wooden floors

– Full board (3 meals per day)

– Early breakfast on request (3-4 a.m.)

– Dining room, services, cloakroom

– First aid kit and doctor

– 220V electricity in the afternoon in the dining room

Extra Services


– Internet in C1 (WIFI) – 5 USD per hour

– Laundry services in CB – 5 USD/kg

– Bathroom in CB and C1 – 25 USD per hour


– CB( 3,600m) – Field 1 (4,400 m): 3 USD/kg

– Field 1 (4,400 m) – Field 2 (5,300 m): 6 USD/kg

– Field 2 (5,300 m) – Field 3 (6,100 m): 8 USD/kg

– Field 1 (4,400 m) – Field 3 (6,100 m): 14 USD/kg

The price is given for a single ride. The price per way, whether up or down, is the same


1900 euros





The combination of travel services offered to you is a packaged trip within the meaning of the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16.


Therefore, you will enjoy all the rights that apply under the EU to package travel. The company Malamalama Travels will be fully responsible for the correct execution of the package trip as a whole.


In addition, as required by law, Malamalama Travels is covered by a guarantee to reimburse you for payments made and, if transportation is included in the trip, to ensure your repatriation in case you incur insolvency.


More information on their main rights under the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November


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