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Trekking on the land of the mountains

The 94% of the surface of the great unknown Kyrgyzstan is covered with mountains. One of its main mountain ranges is the Tien Shan. The trek “Mountains and lakes of Tien Shan” is a light route through the mountains of the Terksey Ala Too along with an excursion to the mountain lake Son Kul and the visit of some emblematic towns and villages. It is a romantic adventure with great emotions and unforgettable views of the spectacular landscapes of Tien Shan. A perfect trip to get to know Kyrgyz culture and enjoy its pleasant trails.


We will pass next to the highest peak of the Terskey Ala Too, Karakolski Peak (5216 m), the enigmatic and beautiful glacial lake Ala Kol (3532 m) and the alpine lake Son Kul with its mountain pass at 3 800 meters. We will also have the opportunity to get to know Kyrgyz culture, its monuments, its heroes and, of course, its people. It is a culture associated with the Silk Road and, above all, to horses, so we will have some equestrian demonstration and we will take some horseback riding with our guides. To regain our strength after the trip we will end up enjoying the hot springs of the fountains of Altyn Arashán.

Hotels, tents and yurts

For this trip we have 3 types of accommodation: hotels in Bishek, Karakol and Lake Issyk Kul, traditional yurts of Kyrgyz nomads and tents during the trek. The nights we will spend in traditional Kyrgyz yurts will give us a real and authentic view of the life of the nomads of the mountains.


In this 2019 season, our Ak Sai Travel partners will set up fixed tent camps along the entire route. This will provide us with a lighter and more pleasant journey as it will not be necessary to carry with provisions or equipment from shops. It also makes the trip cheaper, not having to pay chefs who come with the expedition, muleros or transport, thus also making the expedition less congested, more agile and, therefore, the most pleasant experience. Finally, it makes the trip safer, having established camps and connected to each other.


IMPORTANT: you will not need to set up the tents, they will be installed in advance. At the camp, we’ll always have a hot meal waiting.

43 km of trek with 2000 meters of accumulated ascent

We will fly to Bishek Airport, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. After spending a day there for some sightseeing and a night, we will start our route by moving to the camp of Lake Son Kul, making a stop in Buraná, ruins of an important city of the ancient Silk Road. In Son Kul we will spend the night in a traditional yurt.

The next day we will have a day to get to know the life of the nomads, with a horseback ride and a visit to a family of shepherds to taste their traditional gastronomy. In the afternoon we will have a demonstration of equestrian games and again we will sleep in yurt.

Then we will move to Karakol making a stop in Bokonbaevo to learn about the artisan factors of felts and carpets. We will spend the night in a hotel in Karakol and the next day, after a walk around the city, we will move to karakol Gorge and sleep in tent camp at 2500 m, place from which our trek departs.

On the first day of trek we will make a round trip route to the base of Karakol Peak (5281 m) to enjoy the stunning vegetation of the area and warm up for the next day. The second day we will leave to Lake Ala Kol stopping at a unique wooden cabin where we will stop to rest and take a bite and continue to sleep in our second camp, at 3600 m. On the third day, after a slight ascent, we will go along the edge of the lake to reach the Ala Kol pass and start the descent by a cobbled slope that will take us to the wide path of the Keldiké grazing valley. When you arrive at the Altyn Arashán camp (2600 m.) you can relax in the thermal springs of the valley, with fountains up to 50ºC.

After the trek, we will visit the city of Cholpón Atá and return to Bishkek.


– Bishkek hotel accommodation (2 nights)

– Accommodation in Amir hotel or Green Yard Guest House in Karakol (1 night)

– Hotel accommodation at Lake Issyk Kul (1night)

– Yurt accommodation in Son Kul (2 nights)

– Accommodation and full board (hot breakfasts and dinners and lunches in bags for the trek stage in Karakol Gorge and Altyn Arashán (4 nights) (Note: you do not need to set up tents or prepare meals as everything is installed in advance and the program includes cooks service)

– Full Board throughout the program

– Native guide and Spanish guide throughout the program

– Porter service throughout the trek (*please read the note on luggage below)

– Transfers according to the itinerary

– Entrance tickets and ecologic quotes

Demonstration of equestrian games in Son Kul

– Horseback riding (half-day in Son Kul)

– Folk show

– Demonstration of petates handcrafting in Bokonbaevo

– Welcome pack from Malamalama Travels

– Photo reporting and video of the trip


– Deviations from the itinerary

– Drinks and meals not included in the program menu

charging services during the trek

Your luggage during trekking will be carried by porters. The weight of this baggage must not exceed 12 kilograms. For an extra weight, you must pay USD 12 per kg. (for the full trekking itinerary) It is possible to leave clothes and travel clothing not required for the walk in our office – we will send them to the Issyk Kul hotel before your arrival.

Equipment needed

– 4 seasons Sleeping bag

– Trekking boots

– Waterproof trousers and jacket

– Winter gloves, beanie and hat or cap

– Sunglasses

– Front flashlight and batteries

– Sun cream

– Bottles or camelbak for 2 litre water

– 40 litre backpack

– Coat

– Trekking poles

– Sandals

– Swimsuit


1578 euros

Flight not included (about 500 – 600 € from Spain)

Minimum group 4 people, maximum 15

On this trip we will collaborate with the Travel, Discover, Help program. Our partners, Ak-Sai, have created this program to protect orphaned children in Kyrgyzstan. 1 euro per person per day will be donated to finance the programme. In addition, we will make collections to carry school supplies, clothing or other items necessary for this beautiful cause.





The combination of travel services offered to you is a packaged trip within the meaning of the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16.


Therefore, you will enjoy all the rights that apply under the EU to package travel. The company Malamalama Travels will be fully responsible for the correct execution of the package trip as a whole.


In addition, as required by law, Malamalama Travels is covered by a guarantee to reimburse you for payments made and, if transportation is included in the trip, to ensure your repatriation in case you incur insolvency.


More information on their main rights under the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November


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